Residential garbage room

There are several ways to load and unload garbage
1. Forklift
Forklifts are electric forklifts and manual hydraulic forklifts. The difference between the two is that electric forklifts are driven by motors, which have high working efficiency and low labor intensity of operators, but need to be charged, and high cost of purchase. Manual forklifts use human power to drive, work efficiency Low, the labor intensity of the operator is large, it can work continuously, and the purchase cost is low. Generally, the manufacturers use manual forklifts. Not only the purchase cost is low, but also the frequency of the forklift used by the manufacturers is too high, easy to break, and the maintenance cost is also very high. Manual forklifts have low maintenance rates and low natural costs. Therefore, manufacturers usually use manual forklifts when loading. When unloading, we generally choose electric forklifts, because customers generally do not buy an electric forklift for the purpose of installing a garbage room.
2. the crane way
Cranes are generally used less frequently by garbage house manufacturers. As mentioned before, garbage house manufacturers generally use manual forklifts, but there are also special circumstances. If the size of the customized garbage room is particularly large, only cranes can be used. Crane, that will definitely use the crane when loading. Some customers often use cranes when unloading goods, but not always. Sometimes small cranes also use cranes.
3. Sliding method
Some garbage rooms are equipped with a pulley at the bottom. The pulley itself is for easy movement. The garbage room with a pulley is not only convenient to use, but also can be used when we load and unload the garbage room. Installing the garbage room in a smooth way can also smooth Way to unload. In particular, some small garbage rooms used outdoors can be equipped with pulleys at the bottom, which not only facilitates unloading, but also provides convenience for the garbage room to be replaced in the future.