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Performance and specifications
You can move anywhere and bring people a convenient and comfortable way to live. By providing solar panels for indoor power, solar water heaters can heat water, indoor showers, and re-use Evolutionary water that is discharged from sewage treatment systems. Depending on the number of people, different types of container houses can be produced.

    Long Width High
20 foot tall box External 6058mm 2438mm 2896mm
Internal 5899mm 2352mm 2698mm
40 foot tall box External 12192mm 2438mm 2896mm
Internal 12032mm 2352mm 2698mm

20 feet / 40 feet Parts Index
Load and pressure Corner column 86.4t
Top 1.7t/m2
Side end 0.5t/m2
Front and back end 1.7t/m2
Other Water tightness 1Kg/cm2
Lateral rigidity 15.2t
Longitudinal rigidity 7.6t

Wall panel EPS board PU board Rock wool board Gypsum board
Fire rating B2 B2 B1 A
Thermal conductivity 0.033-0.046 0.018-0.022 0.035-0.043 0.2-0.28
Class A: non-combustible;   Class B1: flame retardant; Class B2: flammable;   Class B3: Flammable
Lining material: wood-based panel, PVC foam board, particle board, color steel galvanized steel sheet
Other modules: wires, water pipes and furniture