How to maintain and maintain the roof and external wall of light steel structure house

Light steel structure houses need to be maintained and maintained after being used for several years, and are mainly placed on the outer wall decorative panels and roofs. I think that this is not its shortcomings, but its advantages. The decoration of roofing and external walls is very convenient to replace, it can be maintained and disassembled.
1. Exterior wall: The maintenance of the exterior wall of the light steel structure house is convenient and does not require large-scale construction. It is only necessary to change the surface material. It is recommended that the exterior wall surface should be regularly maintained on a 5-year cycle.
2. Roofing: As for the asphalt shingles used for roofing, if the quality is better, its service life will be around 20 years. With the passage of time, it will gradually change color and aging. It's just that I think it's good to change the design style, style, and color of the house after 20 years, so it is better to put the old house on new clothes than to demolish it. After 20 years, I will also consider whether to change the mood of the house, change the color, and spend a small amount of money to change the appearance, just like building a new house.
3. A person in charge: its maintenance and maintenance are not as inconvenient as imagined. If the maintenance and repair work can be done well, its service life can reach more than 100 years, and most of the work does not need to be done by the homeowner. The construction company usually contracted will have the construction personnel responsible for the later work, saving trouble. Save effort.
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