Material difference between light steel structure house and mobile home

The materials of the movable board house are mainly color steel plates, which are relatively simple and suitable for temporary construction on the construction site. The light steel structure houses are mainly made of light steel keel, which has light weight and energy saving and is suitable for living.
It is different from the structure of the movable board house: the structure of the movable board house is that the outer wall is built with colored steel plates; the light steel structure house is connected by a steel frame as the main frame, and the outer wall can be attached with various building materials.
The difference between the frame of the steel structure house and the mobile board house: the frame of the mobile board house is mainly made of I-shaped frame, the service life is short, only suitable for temporary residence; the light steel structure house frame is mainly made of C-shaped steel, suitable for factory buildings, residential, Architectural forms such as exhibition halls and warehouse factories.
Light steel villas have many advantages: 1. Short construction period; 2. Anti-seismic, will not collapse in the earthquake; 3. Comfortable, double insulation layer cut off heat spread, very comfortable. 4. Saving, if it is in rural areas, save coal in winter and save electricity in summer.
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