Production materials for various parts of the mobile box

As people's living standards are getting higher and higher, mobile posts are seen in many places, and the posts are widely used in many places by virtue of their own advantages, but the post can be used in such a wide range of applications. The material of the equipment, the overall material of the box and each accessory are manufactured through strict processes. In order to let everyone understand what the material of the box is, and can play its role in use, let us take a look at the equipment What materials are used for each part?
1. The main post of the mobile box is made of 304# stainless steel plate, which is bent into a fan-shaped column with a thickness of 1.2mm, so that sufficient strength can play a protective role for the residents in the box.
2. The ceiling of the sentry box is made of good quality decorative board, which can be moved left and right for all activities, which is convenient for line installation and maintenance.
3. The internal circuit is designed in strict accordance with the JT/T422-2000 standard, configuration: leakage protector and air switch.
4. The exterior panel of the mobile post is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2MM, and the interior panel is made of color steel plate. This design makes the inside of the booth feel generous. There are five layers of wallboards, which can protect the personal security of the staff in the sentry box.
5. The window is made of stainless steel sliding window, the glass is all 5% tempered glass, sealed with rubber strips on all four sides, no water leakage, and good sound insulation effect.
6. The polystyrene foam board is used in the wall for heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention and moisture resistance. This kind of board has high strength and sufficient support.
7. The mobile police station worktables are all stainless steel workbenches, equipped with ticket boxes, cash drawers, and drawers. It is easy to install. There are 3 wallets and 1 empty seat in the drawers. The ticket boxes are installed on the left side. Pull out, convenient and fast. The material thickness is 1.2MM.
8. The inner floor adopts anti-static raised floor complying with GB665086 standard.
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