The technical standard of mobile police box

We all know that mobile police boxes are widely used now, and can be more convenient than a fixed range of activities. Because of this, the demand for products is gradually increasing. As the demand increases, the requirements for products are also increasing, especially the product will Working in different environments for a long time, so naturally there is a high demand for product technology on the market. Only good quality products can do good work for the people. What are the product technology standards?
1. The material selection and structural design of the mobile police box structure are reasonable, play a role in waterproofing and heat insulation, and bring a warm home to the staff in the police box.
2. There are generally two methods for the appearance of guard posts: pointed or flat tops, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
3. The load-bearing structure of the mobile police box is a frame-shaped steel structure. The material selection and welding of the overall structural members conform to the national standard. The national standard is free of inspection steel skeleton structure. The wall thickness of the steel material is more than 2mm. Ensure the security of the sentry box.
4. The outer wall adopts a steel structure pod core board, which is stable in color and can be removed by rain washing and washing, and does not fade or peel off; it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and water vapor acid and alkali corrosion, and it is not suitable for aging; it has toughness.
5. The interior of the wall of the mobile box and the decoration of the box are all made of building materials. The lines are not only smooth, but also beautiful in appearance, which reflects the modern atmosphere and can complement the urban landscape.
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