Matters needing attention in the use of garbage room

1. It is strictly forbidden to use open flame in the garbage room.
2. The garbage room is just the place where we store the garbage bins and garbage sorting tools, and some debris should be prohibited from being put into the garbage room.
3. There is a management room in the garbage room, but its anti-theft function is definitely not so perfect, so some valuable items of our staff should not be brought into the workplace as much as possible.
4. Pay attention to the ventilation of the garbage room. Some garbage rooms are equipped with shutters, which are ventilated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but avoid blocking the Baiye windows with objects. Some garbage rooms are ventilated with windows. The windows require our staff to work in time, and good ventilation measures in the garbage room can avoid odors.
5. If the steel structure of the garbage house is deformed or bent, please contact the garbage house manufacturer for repair in time.
6. There are many supporting facilities in the garbage room. There are hand-wash basins, mop basins, some anti-hand sanitizer racks and other small tools. Do not disassemble these items at will.
7. Some garbage rooms are equipped with automatic induction equipment, such as the window of the garbage room, and some adopt automatic induction type. We must avoid water stains entering the electric paint equipment.
8. The sanitation of the garbage room is important and must be cleaned on time every day.
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