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Light steel villa advantages
Compared with traditional houses, light steel villas have their outstanding advantages

Energy saving
85% energy saving, warm in
winter and cool in summer

Environmental protection
Waterless operation
95% light steel structure resources
can be recycled


Land saving
High utilization
Up to 92% indoor area

Lightweight 9-level seismic

Wind resistance
High-strength steel
Resistant to hurricane levels above 16

Lifespan can reach more than 90 years

Light steel system wall
Wall sound insulation≥45db


Fresh air system
Provide fresh air 24 hours

Factory production
Fast construction,
short cycle and high efficiency


Main material composition and characteristics of light steel villa

Comprehensive performance comparison of various building systems

DESAY European housing performance


Water saving: dry construction operation requires only 10% of the water consumption of traditional building construction.
Material saving: 90% of the materials can be recycled.
Land saving: the area of use within the set has increased by more than 10%.
Materials: all new materials are used, which can meet environmental protection requirements in both production and use processes.

 Structural safety 
95 years of structural safety design. The structural steel skeleton and bolts adopt high-performance anti-corrosion technology (galvanized, aluminum-zinc-plated, magnesium-aluminum-zinc-plated), and the self-healing function of the anti-corrosion layer can ensure that the main structure is not corroded.

 Heat insulation 

"Double insulation" + "double partition" wall insulation technology, heat reflection and ventilation interlayer design, make the building envelope good thermal insulation effect, put an end to the phenomenon of hot and cold bridges, to ensure indoor warm winter and cool summer.

 Fire Safety 

Adopt composite enclosure wall, adopt A-class non-combustible fire-proof materials in an all-round way to meet the fire protection design standards of the building.

 Ventilation and moisture proof 

The design of the open aeration layer uses the principle of hot air convection to realize the ventilation and moisture resistance of the outer wall; the "unidirectional breathing paper" is added between the main structure and the decorative layer of the outer wall to effectively prevent moisture or other corrosive gases from intruding into the main structure. There is no condensation in the northern regions in winter.

 Sound insulation and noise reduction 

A composite wall composed of different materials, different thicknesses, multi-layer structures and multi-layer cavities. All internal and external walls and floors are filled with sound insulation materials. The external wall sound insulation is greater than 55dB, and the internal wall sound insulation is greater than 52dB, exceeding five stars The sound insulation standard of a class hotel.

 Flexible layout 

The thickness of the wall is about 1/2 of the traditional structure, and the inner area of the sleeve is increased by more than 10%. The overall outer wall is mainly bearing, and the indoor space can be flexibly arranged.

 Beautiful appearance 

From traditional Chinese folk houses (such as eastern Sichuan, Huipai, and Uighur houses) to modern European and American styles, the charm of Beixin houses creates a variety of architectural styles.

 Widely applicable 

Applicable to different climates (severe cold, tropical) and various geographical conditions;
Various topography and landforms: islands, mountains, flat land;
Various geological conditions: desert, rock, soft soil.

 Easy installation 

Factory prefabrication, on-site assembly, shorten the construction period.
Dry method operation, can also be constructed in winter in the north;
The installation site is environmentally friendly, free of dust and sewage pollution.
For example, an independent house of 200 square meters can complete the main structure installation within 5 to 7 days, and complete indoor and outdoor decoration within 2 months.


Strong quality of aseismatic and windproof
 After Typhoon "mangosteen" struck 
The load-bearing structure of the whole house is a light steel keel structure. The steel structure has good ductility and toughness. The light steel villa has typhoon-proof performance, meets the 9-degree fortification requirements, and resists 12-level typhoon. The whole adopts a flexible structure with light weight (about 1/6-1/4 of the traditional brick-concrete structure), and the connection parts are reliably and firmly connected with special accessories to improve the seismic and windproof performance of the house.